Loyal Supply Inc. is Family Owned & Operated


From the very start, Loyal Supply Inc. was rooted in a culture to find a better way to serve the working man. 

loyal Supply warehouse

Having the MRO (maintenance repair operations) parts you need on hand and the flexibility for you to build and customize your own assortments, enables LOYAL SUPPLY INC. to serve you with customized inventory management - and quickly supply your business with needed parts and supplies.

Why Loyal Supply Inc.
is the Right Choice

  • Mobile stocked trucks & warehouse with MRO ( maintenance repair operations) product on hand.
  • Mil Spec Terminals, Shrink tubing, Cable ties, Wire, and more ...
  • Lot numbers & certificates of conformance available
  • 99% of all products are made in America.
  • We ship, just ask 
  • We accept credit cards and have no minimum order amount
  • We accept PO's and Bill to meet your standards.
  • Customize assortments, and build custom kits to meet your needs.

Who We Serve 

Loyal Supply serves a variety of industries such as Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Construction, Municipal, Oil & Gas, & Trucking Industries to name a few. We carry a broad range of MRO products from top-quality American manufacturers.  

We offer genuine loyalty to our customers, excellent specialized inventory management, top quality MRO supplies from the common MRO product to special order products to meet your needs. Our mobile fully stocked trucks allow immediate delivery of quality MRO products. We are ready to serve our customers. LOYAL. 

Oklahoma Military Base & Post Delivery

We proudly serve our military, available to deliver to any Oklahoma base or post. We also ship to anywhere the military requests, just ask!

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Our History

Founders and owners Ann and Brian Jones have over 28 years experience with industrial hardware and parts. They had a desire to run a family business that would provide for their family, provide good jobs, and serve other hard workers of Oklahoma and throughout America.

The Joneses bought a trailer, went to work, and they haven’t looked back.

Loyal: Our Name & Our Commitment

When you get to pursue the dream of founding your own business, choosing a name is one of the first (of thousands) of decisions you make.

Loyal Supply OKC | Woman Owned Hardware & Supply Store

The Joneses wanted a name that would convey their heart for their business and also give them a constant reminder of who they were and wanted to remain. LOYAL.

  • To their family
  • To their business
  • And mostly, to their customers

That’s what it’s all about. It ended up being a great way to incorporate their business model into their very name. Loyal Supply.

Ann & Brian Jones bring fresh air to business. They offer quality MRO Supplies at great prices. Add in excellent service, a few laughs and loyalty. They even answer the phone themselves!

Thanks for checking out Loyal Supply - for all your MRO Supply needs.

In order to be LOYAL to you - We need you to be our LOYAL Customer

A working man of any kind who earns his livelihood by the sweat of his brow is not doing it for himself- but for his fellow work-men, and for all those depending on him, 
THANK YOU for serving us.

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